Task 05
Task 05
SHC Task 05

Use of Existing Meteorological Information for Solar Energy Application

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The following are publications developed under Task 5:

Handbook of Methods of Estimating Solar Radiation
November 1984 - PDF 3.76MB - Posted: 2008-02-11
By: Lars Dahlgren, Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, Sweden
This handbook presents a classification of estimating models, catalog of estimating methods and description of selected tools, review of various statistical techniques used to evaluate performance of estimation models, and concludes with a description of available measured data sets of solar radiation and relevant meteorological observations for potential use in model validation.
Document Number: D7:1985
Proceedings of the International Energy Agency Conference on Pyranometer Measurements Proceedings of the International Energy Agency Conference on Pyranometer Measurements
Boulder, Colorado, 16-20 March, 1981
October 1982 - PDF 8.79MB - Posted: 2008-02-11
By: M. R. Riches et al., Department of Energy, U.S.A.
A conference of pyranometry experts from 7 countries was held in Boulder, Colorado from 16-20 March 1981 to formulate a statement of work for joint pyranometer experiments and calibrations. This report documents the technical results and information presented as well as the agreed upon statement of work. A complete list of names and affiliations of those in attendance is included in Appendix A.
Document Number: SERI/TR-642-1156R
Recommendations Concerning Meteorological Networks for Solar Energy Applications
June 1981 - PDF 1.57MB - Posted: 2008-02-11
By: J. R. Latimer and T. K. Won, Atmospheric Environment Service, Canada
This report describes the characteristics of the two main categories of measurement networks - routine and research oriented - and discusses recommended minimum standards for supporting solar energy applications. The appendices include a survey of user requirements, discussion of radiation network assessment, and discussion of measurement standards.
Solar Radiation Data Source Catalogue
October 1980 - PDF 3.71MB - Posted: 2008-02-11
By: W. Josefsson and M.-L. Westerberg, Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, Sweden
This catalogue presents radiation data and relevant meteorological data at the time of publication. The document has three parts 1) Introduction, 2) Explanation and 3) Data List.
Document Number: D12:1981